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"How To Capture A Man's Heart, Make Him Fall In Love with You - and Inspire His Devotion To Keep You Happy Forever!"

International Relationship Expert Reveals the Secret to Understanding Men - and how to use it to get the relationship you've always wanted...

by Eric Charles & Sabrina Alexis, the bestselling relationship experts from

When it comes to men and your relationships, which of these sound familiar? (Check all that apply to you.)

"Why didn't he call or text back?"
"How can I find the type of man that I'm interested in?"
"Why can I only get the guys I'm not interested in, while the guys I really want are never into me?"
"Why do I always end up with losers?"
"Why did he lose interest? Everything seemed like it was great, what happened?"
"Why doesn't he love me anymore?"
"What am I doing wrong in my relationships?"
"Why is he going hot and cold?"
"Why do some women (even plain-Jane's) seem to have great success in their relationships, while my relationships seem to be a string of disasters and disappointments?"
"Men are so confusing! I wish I could just understand men..."

If you checked off any of the boxes above, then read every word of this article because it may change how you look at relationships forever.

The majority of women are experiencing the same things as you - you are not alone. Thousands of women - married, in a relationship, or single - come to me daily with exactly these questions. In my eight years as a professional relationship coach, I've discovered that the reason so many women have these questions is because most women don't understand men.

You might not yet realize it now... but by virtue of being a woman you possess an extraordinary power to capture a man's heart and love, harness his thoughts and attention, have him succumb to your desires, make him want to be with you forever, and devote himself to pleasing you in every way he can.

It might be hard to see from where you are now, but it's true! And the best part is you can have this effect without trying to be someone you're not, force yourself into some awkward role, or do all sorts of crazy tricks to keep his interest; you can be yourself. When you understand the secrets I'm about to reveal to you, you'll finally get the type of relationship you've always wanted and it will be effortless. I'll give you solid proof in a little bit.

When you read this entire article, you'll know how to tap into this power within you and get what you want, whether it's to have the dating life you've always wanted, get that guy to finally commit, or reclaim the fire and spark in your current relationship.

Emails from Readers of
He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want

I had been through a bad break up and was scared to get back out into the dating world. It was instantly easy for me to relate to both Eric and Sabrina's personal stories and advice.

Once I took their advice to heart and action I came to realize that Eric and Sabrina are right. Reading He's Not That Complicated diligently ultimately saved me a world of heartache. Since reading He's Not That Complicated I have found someone that I have been dating for two months.

I have not been this happy in a very long time. I owe much of my success in dating to Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis. Thank you! – Shannon, New Britain CT

I have recommended the site to a few friends of mine recently, because I've found that, along with giving legitimate advice on an objective, third-party level, Sabrina and Eric do it in a personal, uplifting way that empowers the inner goddess in us all. For me, the way they write to their readers (me obviously being one) almost completely banishes all neediness. - Bri, Augusta, GA

Any woman can get dating advice from anywhere nowadays. But just because you receive it, that doesn’t mean the advice is good!

Eric and Sabrina’s dating advice is AMAZING because actions and feelings from both sexes are carefully analyzed and explained to females in a blunt, direct way. We can now clearly comprehend what is going on in our relationships. When one understands the problem, the solution is much easier to reach.

Since I have been reading your daily tip emails, I have found a new love for myself that is truly enriching my current relationship. For the first time, jealousy and insecurities are non-existent! I am able to love my boyfriend in the way he wants to be loved, instead of selfishly finding new ways to feel loved, which explains the emotionally unbalanced relationships of my past that have FAILED.

Any piece of advice, whether directed to single, taken, or married women, can be applied to romantic relationships for true improvement of the heart, mind and soul!

Thank you Eric and Sabrina for using your own experiences to help the countless of confused women take the path to a much better relationship! - Karla R., South Gate, CA

Now Who Am I And Why The Heck Should You Believe Me?

My name is Eric Charles. I've been a professional dating coach to men and women for eight years and for the past three years I've written A New Mode's "Ask a Guy" column (which now clocks in over 5 million readers annually worldwide). The majority of my readers seek answers to understand why men do what they do, what's preventing them from getting the loving relationship they've always wanted, and what men are truly looking for when it comes to women and love.

Sabrina and I have received thousands of glowing testimonials from women about how I unlocked the door for them to finally have a successful dating life; about how I was able to help them reclaim their confidence, radiance, and self-esteem; about how I was able to help them finally have that loving, lasting, passionate relationship they've always wanted... and I want to pass what I have to you so you can enjoy having the relationship you've always wanted.

That's why women ask me their burning dating questions; I know the answers, I can explain it in concrete terms, and I have thousands of responses and testimonials to back up my track record.

I wrote the book with my business partner, Sabrina Alexis, a woman who is living proof that the system works.

She had the opportunity to learn my system from the inside out and as a result, she has become a relationship expert in her own right, with hundreds of thousands of devoted followers who love hearing about her past heartaches and all the lessons she has learned along the way to becoming the savvy, independent, confident woman she is today.

In fact, she has developed the uncanny ability to understand men better than they understand themselves! She is a woman who was just like you, lost and confused as to why her relationships kept failing. Like her, you can understand exactly how men think and how to make your relationships work. The method I will reveal to you today is something very special. It's not based on theory, pop-psychology or half-baked dating advice found in women's magazines.

Unlike the over-simplified, unrealistic junk that passes for dating help in today's market place, my stuff has to work. Reason being: I have real-world clients and feedback - my method works based on the thousands of women who have already put it into action in their lives (and experienced dazzling results).

This is the age of Facebook - if our stuff didn't work incredibly well our pages would be littered with complaints, not post after post of glowing praise.

Now you can discover how my method will transform your relationship life for the better, whether you're...

  • Single and seeking to attract the guy you really want
  • Looking to add some spice and romance to your dating life
  • Dating, but just can't seem to get your relationships to turn into anything more than casual
  • Seeking long-term commitment and devotion from the guy
  • In a long-term relationship, but can't seem to get him to take the next step with you
  • Married and looking to re-ignite the passion within your marriage
  • Interested in having perfect communication and deeper intimacy with the man you're with

  • ... you'll discover the little-known knowledge that will have you turning heads and radiating an effortless, irresistible vibe that will have men fighting to have you all to themselves... forever.


    Emails from Readers of
    He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want

    I really like the personal feel to Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis's writing and daily tips. I have learned so much about what I'm doing that feels right but is actually hurting the relationship.

    They explain so well, easy to understand and thorough. It’s like hearing expert advice from a comforting friend. They provide insight in an encouraging manner.

    I am currently taking their advice and have direction and hope of improving my relationship thanks to the knowledge they share and their encouragement. I recommend anyone struggling in a relationship to access Eric and Sabrina's writings on relationships. - Lori, Moline, IL

    After 3 years of no relationships and endless waste-of-time dating, I met someone I really liked. I almost lost him but reading Sabrina and Eric's newsletters have helped me take a step back and also look at what I was doing wrong. Their advice also helped me keep him interested and now we've completed one year! I still enjoy reading the daily tips and have shared them with all my single friends. - Anonymous reader from Dubai


    He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want

    Have you ever known a woman...

  • that men seem to fall head over heels for
  • that guys love spending all their time with
  • who has men constantly doing things to please her and keep her happy
  • who brings out the "knight in shining armor" side of men - the passionate, romantic side
  • who men have no problem committing to
  • who holds their interest effortlessly
  • who men want to give themselves to fully?
  • What is that rare quality, secret, or personality that attracts men effortlessly to her, has men chasing her and bringing their A- game, and makes them want to commit to her and see her as "the one" for them?

    I know many women like this, both personally and professionally, and over time I stumbled on a massive discovery: these women all share a special understanding that unlocks their full attractiveness potential with men.

    And it's not what you might think - oftentimes it is not the prettiest girl, with the perfect body, beautiful face, flawless skin, and cover model attributes.

    In fact, some of the more plain-Jane looking women end up being at an advantage at discovering this secret. They don't expect their looks to just "make romance happen" and through exploring, they discover how to tap into the true power that massively attracts men.

    Even in pop culture, there are examples of fairly plain or even less-than-beautiful women landing the most sought-after men. I'm not one to talk pop-culture or history, but I'm sure you can think of a few...

    Throughout history, there are stories of men who credit their greatest inspiration coming from their love of a special woman. When they describe her, they don't talk about how she was the most beautiful woman... they talk about the profound effect she had on them.

    This is great news for you because the truth is, having that power isn't something you're born with - being the woman that men will fight to be with is a skill that can be learned and used by you...once you know how!

    This skill and power exists inside you, it just needs to be awakened and put into action. But before I tell you how to have this skill, let me ask you:

    What's The Reason Most Women Have Trouble In Their Relationships With Men?

    There are all sorts of reasons why a woman may have trouble in her relationships with men, but it all traces back to her fundamentally not understanding men. If she did, she would know exactly how to attract men in droves, keep a man hooked on her every word and move, make him helpless to her charm, and have him treating her with the highest love and commitment.

    To make matters worse, women often seek out advice from the worst possible places: their girlfriends (who themselves don't really understand men) and magazines (whose only motivation is to sell products and advertising... the "advice" itself isn't worth the paper it's printed on).

    It's not my intention to be rude. I'm sure you, like most women, love talking to your female friends about your relationship issues. The problem with talking to friends, however, is that most friends would rather give you candy (that is, say whatever will make you feel better in the moment) than medicine (that is, stuff that will actually work and heal the problem).

    Plus, unless your girlfriend happens to be a professional relationship coach with thousands of hours of experience and success in her own relationship life, it's not a good idea to get your advice from her. There's nothing wrong with venting and getting things off your chest with your friends. In fact, sharing your difficult experiences will help create deeper friendships, but just don't mistake these conversations for pathways to greater success with men.

    Now some of your friends may very well have some good insight into certain aspects of relationships or your situation. However, it's important to remember that their feedback is based on their own limited experience and perspective. Even if they were in a similar situation to you, their advice may or may not be a good fit for you, your personality, and your relationship.

    I've seen so many women ruin an entire evening because they can't stop obsessing over why their guy didn't text back. What makes things worse is when she talks endlessly to her girlfriends about what could be wrong and what she might have done to upset him. It is only after all this panic and unnecessary worry that she'll find out his phone battery died and there was never an actual issue to solve.

    Almost Everything You've Been Taught About Men is a Lie

    Women's magazines are a massively misleading source of dating advice. They hook you into buying their magazine with fancy, attention-grabbing topics on the cover, but inside, the advice focuses merely on surface level ideas on how to look and act around men. Most of the advice is ridiculous, embarrassing, and almost insulting to your intelligence (not to mention, totally off-base a majority of the time).

    Magazines aren't looking to give life-changing dating advice, they are looking to make you buy the magazine and keep coming back (even though they basically recycle the same bad articles every month!). If they solve your dating and relationship problems forever, then you won't come back anymore. So instead of giving you what you need, magazines give advice that convince you that you're not enough on your own... that you should be completely different than you are... that in order to get a man, you can't be yourself.

    Magazines often pander to a crowd of frustrated women - instead of giving you what you need, they merely talk about the problem without providing real solutions. The reasons magazines can't provide real solutions that work in the real world is because the articles are written by people who don't really understand men or how to make a relationship work.

    Would you believe me if I said you could make a man love and cherish you by just being yourself? Well it's true.

    You can have him love you, cherish you, adore you, and celebrate you... just by being yourself. You don't have to be anyone or anything but you.

    There's only one condition: You must give the man what he wants. The first step is finding out what it is.

    If You Give a Man What He Wants, Will He Give You What You Want?

    My answer is 100% yes - if you give a man what he really wants... what he really truly wants... he will absolutely give you what you want.

    Here's the big secret: Men want to be delighted and enchanted by a woman. Most guys will not openly admit this, but guys fall in love with and choose the women who can seduce them, appreciate them, inspire them, and tantalize them. Men actually want to be seduced, lured, charmed, captured, and infatuated by a woman.

    When a woman is successfully able to enchant a man to this degree, he will willingly surrender to her alluring call and become helpless to her power. In the end, this kind of a woman makes a man feel amazing and all men really want is to feel great about who they are.

    Unfortunately, most women are massively misled on what actually makes a man feel good. Many women have the incorrect belief that a few sexual tricks from a women's magazine and some delicious home-cooked meals are all it takes to keep a man happy and get him to commit for life.

    I've heard women quote to me that, "The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach" or in many cases, between his bed sheets. If great sex and great cooking was truly all it took to get lifelong commitment from a man, then that would mean professional chefs, porn stars, and prostitutes would have the best marriages. Obviously, that's not the case.

    The truth is, what really makes a man fall in love and stay committed happens beneath the surface in his mind. It's not about specific actions or overt behaviors, it's something a lot more subtle that carries significantly more power.

    Seducing a Man and Winning His Heart is Almost All Psychology

    Sure, men enjoy and appreciate a woman's cooking and sexual skills. But truly seducing a man and winning his heart and devotion is a game of mental magic and psychology.

    For years, I've written my weekly "Ask a Guy" column on to answer women's dating and relationship questions and get them on the right track towards the relationship they really want.

    While I enjoy writing answers to various dating questions, I wanted to create a way for women to learn the system behind why my advice works in their relationships. I wanted to create a book that any woman could pick up and learn exactly why a man was doing what he was doing and how to handle it effectively to keep the relationship running smoothly.

    With my columns, I'm able to teach women how to handle situations that come up in relationships. While millions of women have benefited from those articles, I have often felt that they act as a Band-Aid since they can't possibly cover the whole scope and reveal to women what could be possible for them if they knew my entire system and philosophy.

    So I decided I would write the entire system and principles out, all in one place, so that women everywhere can stop being confused by men, avoid heartache and heartbreak and (most importantly), get the relationships they've always wanted.

    As a result, Sabrina Alexis and I have written a 140-page e-book titled He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want, in which we expose all of the secrets of how men think, how you can become more attractive to men (hint: it has nothing to do with your physical appearance), how to hold your own in a relationship, and how to seamlessly shift your relationship to one where he cherishes you and showers you with love and attention. You can have all this just by reading and applying the hard-earned techniques I've discovered over the past decade as a professional dating coach.

    And if you think that's exciting, wait till you see all the other mouth-watering secrets I reveal in "He's Not That Complicated." Take a sneak peek below:

    Plus, as an extremely limited time offer, I'm going to throw in 6 amazing bonuses to help you really understand your man and have his love:

    Included Bonus #1 of 6:
    Retail Value - $49.95

    Deadly Mistakes That Destroy Relationships

    • The simple foolproof trick that stops you from acting needy, so that you never drive him away and lose him forever with needy behavior... (It's sneakier than you think!)
    • How making one simple change to what you're already doing makes you irresistible to men. (When you hear how simple this is you will laugh out loud!)
    • Are you a "selfish dater"? The 2 most important secrets (one physical, one mental) to avoiding "bad date issues" and how these secrets will put you on the fast track to intense love and devotion from that one special man.
    • Our unique secret that completely eliminates emotional baggage (your past will never be a problem again!)... and how "dropping your baggage" instantly makes him 300% more likely to commit to you long term!
    • The extremely powerful and possibly dangerous "Instant Training Trick" that immediately makes him do whatever you want and makes him think it was all his idea! (Hint: you won't even have to say a thing and he'll bend over backwards to make you happy!)
    • The 5 biggest poisonous lies found in most dating books and articles and how avoiding these lies makes him want to spend the rest of life with you. (Most books are chock full of terrible advice, which you must avoid at all costs!)
    • The "Reverse Reinforcement Trap": How most women actually encourage him to keep misbehaving and how most women's instincts fail them when it comes to changing his behavior. (When you avoid this trap he will
      be happy and excited to behave however you want him to!)

    Included Bonus #2 of 6:
    Retail Value - $49.95

    Is He Really Into Me?

    • The 10 "Love Signals" given by men that most women miss entirely! Exactly what to look for to catch these subtle signal that let you know he wants to take the relationship to the next level. (Hint: most women have been missing these signals all their lives!)
    • A man with these 2 "Behavior Predictors" treats women worse than all other men. (You'll never guess who he is without these clues!)
    • The 7 most effective ways to tell if a guy likes you compiled by a rare study of men themselves! (Plus – the SINGLE most important thing you can do to win his love forever and the worst sin you could ever commit – an unforgivable
      act that can destroy your relationship chances forever!)
    • The 3 questions never to ask him if he looks upset and the simple, easy trick that makes him want to tell you how he's feeling! (Women who communicate with their men about his emotions the right way are 5 times more likely to stay together!)
    • The "Sexual Positioning" secret accidentally discovered by researchers that uses body language to irresistibly draw him to you and fills his mind with overwhelming love for you! (Hint: this is so simple you might have done it today without realizing it!)
    • How to avoid the number one "relationship-killing" mistake that women make that kills your chances forever with the man of your dreams. (Hint: the more you want him the more likely you are to make this deadly mistake!)
    • The 3 critical signs that men look for in every woman and how to use them to make that one special man fall head over heels in love with you! (Hint: it has nothing to do with your physical appearance!)

    Included Bonus #3 of 6:
    Retail Value - $49.95

    Is There A Future With Him?

    • The one guaranteed "Dead End Test" that tells you beyond a shadow of a doubt if your relationship is going nowhere and how knowing the truth makes turning your relationship around a piece of cake! (We reveal the number one way to turn a failing relationship into a successful loving paradise!)
    • A 1,000 year old secret that re-ignites the spark in your relationship no matter how cold, distant, or seemingly unreachable he is! (Women have been using this trick for centuries to add love and romance back into their lives!)
    • A huge secret about guys and breakups (it's not what you think!) and how you can use this shocking revelation to make him fall deeply in love with you quicker and easier than you can imagine!
    • How a man's "career troubles" can be the number one relationship killer (regardless of how strong the relationship was!) and the crucial technique that redirects his frustration outward, saving your relationship and making it stronger than ever!
    • "The 5 Step Easy Checklist" to follow at the beginning of every relationship and how it guarantees that love will grow between you! (Also included: how to "reverse time" and complete the checklist even if you've been together for years!)
    • The number one thing that men look for in a woman (he looks for this first, every single time) and how giving it to him makes him eagerly choose you as the woman he wants to commit to forever.
    • The traits that every man wants in a woman... Seriously, every single man!

    Included Bonus #4 of 6:
    Retail Value - $49.95

    Why Is He Withdrawing?

    • The number one reason men withdraw and pull away. (You'll be shocked when you hear it) and the top 3 signs that it might happen suddenly, seemingly without warning. (When you know the signs, you'll know what he's going to do before he does and you'll be able to stop him from pulling away before he even thinks about it!)
    • The common female behavior that unknowingly drives men away. (Almost every woman makes this simple but devastating mistake!) Once you know it, you'll automatically stop doing it and all of a sudden your man will start showing you more love and devotion than ever before!
    • The real reason why he never called after a promising first date and the simple technique that guarantees a guy will call you after meeting him. (This technique is so simple you'll smack your forehead when you read it!)
    • How one simple change to how you think about relationships makes any man become obsessed with the idea of winning your love. (99% of women get this wrong, and when you get it right he instantly becomes completely mesmerized by
      you and he becomes overwhelmed by intense love for you!)
    • The "Behavior Baiting" trick that instantly reels him in if he pulls away! It's quite simple and you'll never worry about him pulling away from you again!

    Included Bonus #5 of 6:
    Retail Value - $49.95

    Are You An Option Or A Priority?

    • A ridiculously simple way to predict the future of your relationship with startling accuracy. You'll never ever waste time on the wrong guy again!
    • The 5 subtle signs that show you exactly what type of guy he is from the very beginning, so you know what he's going to do before he does it! Plus, these signs show you exactly what he needs most from you so you can effortlessly make him fall passionately in love with you.
    • The 3 top things that every guy wants in a relationship, but will never, ever tell you and how knowing what wants instantly makes him obsessed with the idea of staying with you forever!
    • The incredible "Connection Test" that shows you exactly how connected you are to your man and exactly what to do to make him feel like he can't live without you without any extra effort on your part!
    • Emergency relationship rescue: These are some of our best, maximum-strength, surefire ways to turn things around before it's too late even when things seem hopeless.
    • The one secret that all happy women use that inspires your man to work his hardest to keep your relationship going strong and how using it will make him fall more deeply in love with you than ever before!

    Included Bonus #6 of 6:
    Retail Value - $49.95

    In addition to all the other bonuses, we're going to send you powerful love and relationship tips you can use to get great results in your love life and relationship... delivered to your email inbox every day.

    These tips are specifically designed to start your day with inspiration to make your love life better, stronger, and more fulfilling... It's easy, you open your email and your love life gets better, every single day, every step of the way.

    Listen, these bonuses are worth more than $297.70, but again, as a very special limited-time offer, you're getting them all for free with your copy of He's Not That Complicated.

    Emails from Readers of
    He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want

    My relationship has become so amazing since I started receiving your daily tip emails. They have helped me greatly to understand my man and his thoughts and feelings, even if he doesn't express them aloud.

    The book is great because the information isn't sugar-coated. Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis give you the facts straight and clear.

    I recommend this site, especially the emails, to anyone! Even if you aren't having relationship/dating problems, they are still a wonderful tool you can use to help prevent yourself from developing any. - Jade, Raleigh, NC

    I have learned to not solely rely on him to make me happy. I have learned that clear, honest communication is the key to having a close and trusting relationship. I have learned to be happy with yourself in order to have a happy relationship.

    I have also learned that guys know and feel more than they let on. I really like how Eric and Sabrina tell it how it is. They don't sugar coat anything and they give advice that anyone can do and it does work. Their daily tips are also inspiring and it feels like they are right there talking to you. - Anonymous reader from Petersburg, KY


    So What Is This All Worth To You?

    If you're a single woman, what is the value of having men attracted and pursuing you, meeting the man of your dreams, having him fall in love with you and having the future together that you've always wanted?

    If you're married or in a relationship, what is the value of keeping the spark alive, having passion and excitement in your relationship, and having his devotion and love for you deepen and grow with each passing day?

    What's the value of being able to end all the confusion, the heartache, and the suffering that comes from not understanding why men do what they do, blaming yourself, and feeling like your relationship is out of control and heading downhill?

    When you really think about how much joy you could have (in the perfect relationship), and how much you'd like to avoid the awful of confusion and heartbreak, what price would you honestly put on that?

    $10,000? $5,000? 2,000?

    To be honest, being able to have true, lasting love without the worry, fear, and pain is something I would call priceless.

    And that's why "He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want" exists... it is the play-by-play guide to meeting that goal so you can finally start enjoying the loving relationship you've always wanted.

    And you'd think at this point I would sell this system (all of our most closely-guarded secrets and techniques) for at least $500, right?

    Nope... not even $300... not even $150.

    Your investment into your relationship success is only...

    ... $39.95

    I'm not a psychic, but I bet you've spent at least five times that amount on a piece of clothing that you never wear.

    If you're like me, you probably spend more at Starbucks on a monthly basis (but then again, I'm kind of a caffeine junky).

    My point here is extremely low considering I charge $500 per hour for one-on-one phone sessions with me (and since I only sell them in 4 week blocks, that's $2000 a pop). For 3 months of personal sessions, you'd be looking at $6000 just to cover the material in this book (and my rates will probably be going up in the near future.)

    Frankly, I wrote this book because there was no way I could take on all of the clients who could benefit from this information. I don't have enough hours in the day and not everyone can afford the price of personal one-on-one coaching.

    Also, I do plan on increasing the price of this package in the future. You're getting your copy of the He's Not That Complicated System with all of the included bonuses for only $39.95 as a limited-time bonus deal.

    So since I do intend to change the price of this book, I would urge you to take me up on my offer today.

    My No-Risk, Rock-Solid, "You're Going To Love It" 100% Guarantee

    I am certain you will love "He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want" and that it will change your dating like and relationship for the better... forever.

    But you don't have to take my word for it - grab my e-book today and put it to the test for a full 8-weeks. Read every page of it (and the bonuses) and put the tips, tactics, and strategies to use in your life... if you don't feel it's worth at least 10 times more than what you paid for it, or if it hasn't completely revolutionized your love life, or if you're not completely 100% satisfied within those full 8 weeks, I will refund your entire purchase price. No questions asked, no hassle.

    This means there's no risk to you. I'm willing to take on all the risk because I'm so confident that you will love the results you'll get from learning these secrets.

    All I ask is that you give what we teach you a fair try. Don't just skim over "He's Not That Complicated" without putting some or all of the tips to use in your one life. You owe it to yourself to finally get the relationship you've always wanted and that means putting everything to use to discover how powerful this material really is.

    Become the worry-free woman who is treated as a priority (not an "option") today!

    Once You Read It... It Will Be The Last Relationship Book You'll Ever Read...

    He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want shows you how to completely understand men in relationships and how to use all of that knowledge to your advantage so you get to have the relationship of your dreams; not in weeks or months or years, but immediately. That's why it will be the last book on relationships you'll ever read - you'll finally get to have and enjoy the relationship you've always wanted.

    Instead of ending up with more questions, more doubts, and more things to work on, you'll get what you came for: you'll be able to finally stop worrying about your relationship forever, you'll understand exactly how he thinks, and you'll get the relationship you've always wanted. You'll get everything you need to accomplish these goals by using the secrets in this system.

    When you apply everything that we reveal to you in "He's Not That Complicated", men won't be able to resist you, they'll do whatever you desire, and they will feel helpless against your feminine charm and power. And the best part is, they'll love every moment of making you happy. It's a win-win for you and your man.

    Whether you want to get over a "relationship funk" or "dry-spell," attract the man and relationship of your dreams, or find deeper and more lasting fulfillment in your current relationship, I hope you take the path of success that thousands of my own successful readers have taken.

    YES Eric!

    I Want to Secure My Copy of "He's Not That Complicated" Right NOW!

    I'm ready to stop worrying about my relationship and to finally have the relationship I've always wanted! I understand that I'm getting this at a limited time discounted price, there is a 60-day risk-free money back 100% satisfaction guarantee and I'm ready to buy the course right now.

    I understand that for $39.95 I will receive the full 138 page eBook in PDF format immediately after I order. I also understand because I decided to act now, I will receive all 6 bonuses as part of the limited-time offer. Everything is instant, so I don't have to wait at all!

    Hope to see you on the other side,

    Eric Charles & Sabrina Alexis

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    He's Not That Complicated: How To Crack a Man's Romantic Code To Get The Relationship You Want

    I definitely handle conflicts with my boyfriend better since I found He's Not That Complicated. I discovered the site soon after me and my then ex got back together - and found it still wasn't working!

    Using the tips on the site, we have become happier as a couple but more importantly, I am happier as a person. Even when things aren't going great in the relationship, I don't let it control my emotions like it used to.

    I just read some tips from He's Not That Complicated to try next time, start a good book, or go to dinner with friends :) I love that your writing often focuses on what YOU can change, because in the end, you're the only part of the equation you can change.

    It's also positive and just truly helpful. I would most definitely recommend your site and other things to others, in fact, I already have! - Ruth, New York

    I`d definitely recommend Eric and Sabrina’s book. Reading their stuff is like reading what real-life is, in terms of men. They really help you understand why you shouldn`t call a guy or go after him. They tell you what exactly goes on a man`s mind and help you to avoid any future embarrassment with your date. Besides of telling you the truth they also provide you with great tips to succeed! Thank you guys for your guidance! It's been very useful! I feel very grateful! - Grace, Asuncion, Paraguay

    He's Not That Complicated has provided me with invaluable insights into dating. It has especially shed a light on the way guys approach a relationship, which I think every female needs to know.

    The advice is open, honest, very detailed and, truthfully, it's made me aware of a lot of the mistakes, which I've made in the past. I would recommend the book to everyone and anyone who is floundering when it comes to the dating game or to anyone who simply wants to improve or save a relationship. Eric and Sabrina are phenomenal!!! I can't thank them enough! - Monique, Cape Town, South Africa

    First off I would like to say Thank You to Eric & Sabrina for making me realize the most important person in the relationship between me & a man is ME! You have definitely helped me focus my thoughts & effort into figuring out what I want out of life.

    Sabrina's female perspective on relationships definitely hits the nail right on the head. Eric, the fact the you opened up a Facebook page & are available to your fans is the True epitome to me of a real man. You’re not afraid to share your thoughts, ideas and your own experiences which is eye opening to women all over.

    You both have inspired me to Love myself above no one else & in time I know love will find me.  In the meantime I love being single & loving my life.  Please keep sending those Awe inspiring emails which make women say 'hmmmmm'. - Yraina M., Brooklyn NY

    Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!! I am truly grateful that you two exist and giving out so many amazing dating tips. A lot of the women, like myself, have been able to change their ways and open their eyes through the advice that you two provide without sugar coating anything!

    I personally, have changed in the sense in how to see and understand a relationship better and of course, understand men a lot better than I did before knowing He's Not That Complicated. I only wish that I had been able to know about you guys before my 4 year relationship ended 4 months ago. However, all the stuff that I did learn, I know I will be able to apply it in my next future relationship.

    Nonetheless, I am sincerely glad and thankful for the help you guys have provided. It has been a HUGE eye opener and for that, Eric and Sabrina, you guys are like gods of dating advice. As funny as that sounds, it is true because look at how many fans you guys have!

    I know I will forever be a fan and ADMIRE everything you two have helped us with. Continue doing the AMAZING work you guys have been able to do and continue guiding us with all your advice. Again, thank you Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis.

    A lot of women can change for the best because of you two! Yours Truly, - Rosie A., Long Beach, CA

    I first found He's Not That Complicated when I was trying to figure out where I had gone wrong with a new guy I was seeing. He wasn't texting me back, I always had to initiate going out to do something, and I often commented to him about how long it took him to text me back. After reading through the book I quickly realized how needy I was being, and I learned a lot more about how guys think

    I knew at this point that it was too late for me to fix things with this guy, and so I let him go and stopped texting him, and we drifted away.

    However, a few months later I met an amazing guy, N., and we started texting and hanging out. I frequently read pages from He's Not That Complicated (especially the section about guy's texting habits) to reassure myself that things were fine and I had no reason to worry. N. and I have been in a relationship for a little over 4 months, and we're still going strong. 

    I frequently recommend He's Not That Complicated to my friends when they come to me with their relationship problems, and I'll definitely be buying anything else you guys write as soon as it comes out. - Jes V., Austin, TX

    He's Not That Complicated is right to the point and easier to understand than many other relationship books I read before... I found He's Not That Complicated while googling help with my relationship, and I was lucky enough to find it! Been a great help… I started feeling better about myself and my relationship magically improved, so thanks Eric & Sabrina.
    - Joe K, Bahrain